About Us

A 501C3 Tampa Based Non-Profit


Our Mission

Building sustainable communities

To provide free menstrual hygiene products and education to improve the health, confidence, and self-esteem of students and youth in underserved communities. Our goal is to END PERIOD POVERTY and remove the stigma associated with it through advocacy.
Global Girls Initiative is based in Tampa, Florida with the goal of encouraging the youth locally to be advocates of hygiene education. Our work starts locally, and we decided to name it Global because we strongly believe that every young person has the potential to help beyond their zip code.

Our Programs

Providing access and building confidence

Learning with Dignity Programs

Through our Learning with Dignity Programs, we provide access to period products and educate the youth about their menstrual health. Having access to period products will ensure young people will feel comfortable attending classes, not miss out on extra circular activities, and not miss school despite having their period. To us, education and confidence-building activities are key to ensuring that young people know their self-worth and have the necessary skills through puberty and beyond. Our goal is to give them the resources and tools needed to make better health decisions and consequently boost their confidence. As the African proverb goes, “If you educate a girl, you educate a nation”. By educating children and teenagers, we are working to educate their families and communities as well as changing the cycle when it comes to youth health. Our Learning with Dignity Programs includes two main programs: Kindness Matters Program and Period Awareness with Dignity and Self-Esteem) (P.A.D.S.)

Kindness Matters Program

We decided to call our program Kindness Matters because “Acts of kindness have the potential to make the world a happier place. An act of kindness can boost feelings of confidence, happiness, and optimism. They may also encourage others to repeat the good deeds they’ve experienced themselves – contributing to a more positive community.” Through our Kindness Matters program, we donate ALL our period products to students in, (elementary, middle, and high schools) homeless shelters, foster homes, youth-based organizations, churches, organizations serving the disabled and underserved children, and refugees in underserved communities.

We donated bulk period products (pads) to Title I schools and youth-based organizations to end period poverty. Our menstrual hygiene kits are provided to youth in our monthly educational workshops which include a month’s supply of period products in a beauty bag with a personal kindness note. To request period products please email us.

Period Awareness with Dignity & Sustainability (P.A.D.S.)

This program is designed to be the first step in every adolescent’s menstruation journey, helping all girls & menstruators transition into puberty. With this program, girls & menstruators will gain knowledge, tools, information, and the support they need to step into this new stage of their life feeling confident. We designed this program because two out of every three girls who enter puberty don’t know enough about what is happening to their bodies and the most crucial part is that they are not prepared for their first period.

The goal of P.A.D.S program is to be a part of every girl’s journey as well as prevent their loss of self-esteem, anxiety, fear, and personal growth. According to Always 58% of young girls lose confidence at puberty and starting their period marks girls’ lowest point in confidence during their teenage years. It is extremely important to us that every girl in the world is equipped with not only education but access to hygiene products, we want every girl to learn to love & embrace their body and ultimately end the stigma that so often adds shame and fear to this transition.

Workshop Structure:
Length: Two & half Hours Long
Age: 8+ years of age
Description: Aim to close the reproductive health gap that is not part of the school curriculum, to inform as well as prevent girls from shaming their bodies and feeling fear of stepping into puberty.
What will cover in the program:

  • Anatomy of the Female Reproductive System
  • Four phases of the menstrual cycle
  • How to manage physical and emotional symptoms in each  phase of the cycle
  • Educate on ways to track their period
  • Period Product Options
  • Sustainable Product Education

Our Impact In The Community


Middle Schools
Orange Grove
Sgt. Smith
Sulphur Springs
Turkey Creek
Walker Middle Magner

High Schools
Plant City
Tampa Bay Tech 

Refugee & Migrant Women’s Initiative (RAMWI)
Metropolitian Ministries
The Springs of Tampa Bay
Springhill Park Community Center
Boys & Girls Club of Tampa
Pace Center for Girls
Laylas House
Ybor Youth Clinic
Tampa YMCA
Period USF
Bags of Brotherly Lov
Ronald McDonald House

Our Logo

Empowering Next Generation of Girls and Youth

Our Partners


Meet the Visionary

Founder and Activist

Aanya Patel

Currently enrolled in Hillsborough High School IB Program, as a teenager Aanya Patel is looking for ways to break the barriers other girls her age face while also bringing new perspectives to the table.

Through the Global Girls Initiative, Aanya hopes to introduce her generation to advocacy. Her goal is to end period poverty and remove the stigma.

Global Girls Initiative Founder & Youth Advisory

Youth Advisory Board

Lily Taylor

Lily Taylor

Lily Taylor goes to the International Baccalaureate Program at Hillsborough High School. She is in 11th grade. She is a member of her school’s robotic team and softball team. She likes reading, cooking, and listening to music. She wanted to be a part of Global Girl’s Initiative to help break the stigma around menstruation and help those with low access to menstrual products.

Kaitlyn Tran

Kaitlyn Tran

Kaitlyn Tran is a junior in the Hillsborough High School IB Program who enjoys drawing and ice cream. Her hobbies include playing the piano and doing digital art. She believes that menstrual hygiene products and information about the menstrual cycle should be made more accessible ti those who need it, as many institutions like schools fail to provide these.
Logan Taylor

Logan Taylor

Logan Taylor is an I.B. junior at Hillsborough high school. She joined the school’s crew team freshman year and has been competing since. Logan enjoys baking and cooking different foods. She’s passionate about educating about menstrual hygiene and helping youth along the way.

Tanisha Pandit

Tanisha Pandit

Tanisha Pandit, 20 years old studyng in Delhi university and working to promote sustainable menstruation since the age of 17. She has worked with more than 50K people to spread the word about sustainable menstrual hygiene and train women to make their own reusable sanitary pads. Tanisha aspires to become an Indian civil servant to do a lot more for society.

Meet the Board of Directors

Rina Patel

Rina Patel

President and Activist

For much who has been given, much shall give back. Rina Patel is a South Asian woman working on removing the cultural stigma her own culture instilled in her. Growing up in India and later migrating to the United States Rina experienced limitations being a girl.

Michelle Cappelli Gordon

Michelle Cappelli Gordon

Fashion-beauty stylist

I am a mentor & a life coach for women. I believe that outward Style is only one component of Beauty. Authentic beauty radiates from your happiness within. I help women transform their self-worth & confidence…

Nylma Laureano

Nylma Laureano


I am a practicing interior designer, certified for ‘Aging in Place’ (CAPS) design in St. Petersburg Florida, where I live with my daughters and fiancé. Design has been a love of mine for as long as I can remember, and…

Dipa Shah

Dipa Shah

Board Member

Professionally, Dipa is General Counsel and Senior Vice President of Coast Dental, where she applies her 20 some years of legal and health care experience towards Coast Dental’s mission of supporting Dentists and Hygienists…
Aimee Whiteside

Aimee Whiteside

Board Member

Aimee Whiteside is an associate professor in the English and Writing Department at the University of Tampa where she previously served as interim co-director her university’s Center for Teaching and Learning…

Dr. Niraj Patel

Dr. Niraj Patel

Board Member

Dr. Patel is a native to the Tampa Bay area. He is a proud graduate of Gaither High School and the University of South Florida. He is committed to a higher level of medicine, which is individualized for each of his patients.

Our Local Impact

Period products donated

Girls and Women impacted

Community Outreach