About Rina

Rina Patel

Rina Patel

President and Activist

For much who has been given, much shall give back. Rina Patel is a South Asian woman working on removing the cultural stigma her own culture instilled in her. Growing up in India and later migrating to the United States Rina experienced limitations being a girl. Now raising a family has allowed her to work on empowering her children and community to bring the next generation forward.

Working with the community on fundraisers to help marginalized women as the board director for a non-profit local to Florida Heels to heal and in parallel working as the Executive Vice President for the Women Ambassadors Forum the largest global forum for young leaders, Rina brings her mindfulness practice and skills to help empower her community. 

As of July of 2020 Rina stepped into the Global Girls Initiative as the President, to build the next generation of advocates, leaders and healers that this world needs. Through the Global Girls Initiative Rina hopes to work on landing more grants, partnerships and help organize local and national conferences. Her goal is to bring younger advocates to join the organization and help run the committee.

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