About Dr. Niraj

Dr. Niraj Patel

Dr. Niraj Patel

Board Member

Dr. Patel is a native to the Tampa Bay area. He is a proud graduate of Gaither High School and the University of South Florida. He is committed to a higher level of medicine, which is individualized for each of his patients.

In times where the Doctor-Patient relationship is rapidly deteriorating, Dr. Patel brings back the true spirit of medicine by partnering with his patients to bring compassion back to medicine. He understands that each patient is unique and realizes the importance of spending the necessary time to answer your questions and concerns.

Dr. Patel has an active household with three young boys and enjoys spending time with his family. His hobbies include playing football, basketball, weight training and outdoor activities. Dr. Patel loves life, loves his family and loves his patients. You will enjoy nearly every moment you spend with this caring physician.

One thing you may not know about Dr. Patel:
He is a modern day ‘Cowboy’!! Dr. Patel is an experienced horse rider and has a farm where he raises and looks after a herd of Brahma cows. He loves being outdoors and teaching his children how to protect and properly respect our surrounding environment.