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Michelle Cappelli Gordon

Michelle Cappelli Gordon

Fashion-beauty stylist

I am a mentor & a life coach for women. I believe that outward Style is only one component of Beauty. Authentic beauty radiates from your happiness within. I help women transform their self-worth & confidence to be alluring COMEBACK QUEENS. I’ve done it for myself and I am passionate about my mission to help other women do the same.

With more than 30 years of experience in the beauty + fashion industry, as well as having counseled students and faculty for a chain of cosmetology schools, Michelle is a life coach for women, blogger, wife, mother of two daughters, and two dogs.
At 50 years old, Michelle felt a strong pull to use her life’s struggles to empower other women. Michelle is certified in life coaching, NLP, confidence coaching, and hypnotherapy.

“I love to learn about everything, but my favorite topics of study are personal development, psychology, spiritual studies, and all-around wellness. I just can’t get enough of it. We are here for a purpose and learning to unlock our heart is the most powerful step we can make in pursuing our destiny”. ~Michelle

Michelle believes her faith is the glue that has held her life together. She serves the community through organizations that empower women and families. When she isn’t busy with all of the above, you’ll find her jet-setting with her daughters, reading a good book, watching a movie with her husband, or spoiling her pups.

Michelle’s passion is helping women find inner happiness and realize their worth so that they can live a life of fabulousness, which happens to be the inspiration for her personal development coaching, lifestyle blog, FB group, and monthly email.

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